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Wellcome to Ski-Rodeo

The motto of the organiser SKI-RODEO is to act as a colleague, companion, carer and informer for you.

What advantages do you have and why should you use the offers of SKI-RODEO?

  • SKI-RODEO is a One Man Concern.
  • Therefore I am always personally responsible for each offer.
  • I appreciate being allowed to share your valuable time on holiday.
  • I want to accompany you safely through your holiday.
Summery of the important points:


For my occupation as guide I have the highest education worldwide, with diploma, of a fully certified ski instructor and ski guide on an equal level with a ski school director.

My aim is:

  • Better efficiency and best possible safe exercise, to enjoy every tour better and more consciously.
  • You can enjoy long downhill runs.
  • I will know which downhill runs your capabilities can cope with.
  • You have learned something wrongly or feel you are at a standstill?
  • Together, with heart and competence, we can make progress possible again.
  • It will be enjoyable to rediscover what should be natural.

Adventure Tours, Ski tours and Freeriding

People want to get away from the normal ski runs - they want a ski tour or adventure for the heart and the eye.

But start moderately, don't overdo things. Just an occasional venture in to the wintry mountains for pleasure and being too relaxed can have fatal consequences for tourists.

Regardless of the importance, technical knowledge and modern equipment alone are often not enough when the deeper insight in to the knowledge of snow and avalanches is missing.
Alpine and practical experience, expertise, local knowledge and orientation, observation and memory capability as well as intuition (avalanche danger) are essential. All these can be of use for effective prevention and protection from avalanches. A better knowledge of snow and avalanches must be acquired. Also, ongoing options are essential to avoid a stop or reduction in the ground knowledge.


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